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Home Disinfect with Nano-DEFEND(90)® DisInfecting Service / Sanitation Services

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Our Nano-DEFEND(90)® is DisInfectingGuys Exclusive antimicrobial Home Disinfect Service and Home Sanitation Service. Nano-DEFEND(90)® is a mechanical kill sanitizer and odor eliminator safe for use on all surfaces and fabrics. 

Unlike other products that kill germs by way of a chemical kill, Nano-DEFEND(90)® kills germs, viruses, molds, and mildew by way of mechanical kill. 

This type of kill does not create superbugs as do regular chemical disinfectants because our product uses Nano-Spear technology. Picture 15,000 microscopic spears that can fit on the head of a pin, When germs come in close contact with this surface, it implodes the mucus membrane leaving them unable to survive, reproduce and mutate.

Home Disinfect

Also, unlike regular chemical kill sanitizers, the Nano-DEFEND(90)® application stays on the surface for up to 90 Days protecting that surface from any microbes that come in contact with it. Regular sanitizers kill on contact, and immediately after germs come right back in contact with that surface and survive as well as reproduce.

home disinfect


What Does Nano-DEFEND(90)® Protect Against?

Our Nano-Defend(90)® KILLS :

  • Odors / Foul Smells

  • Mold

  • Mildew

  • Germs

  • Bacteria

  • Viruses: H1N1,Influenza, SARS, Adenovirus Type 4 

  • Coronaviruses (COVID-19)

  • MRSA

  • Staph

  • Swine-Flu

  • Fungus




Safety and Applications of Nano-DEFEND(90)®

Because Nano-DEFEND(90)® is EPA and Boeing Certified and can be used on a wide array of applications. It’s safe on Counter-Tops, Appliances, Cabinets, Floors, Drywall, Painted Walls, Door Knobs, Doors, Carpet, Rugs, Beds and Mattresses, Bedding, Bathtubs, Sinks, Tile Walls and Glass. 

In addition, other uses include Vehicle Interiors, Sheds, Dog Houses, Cat litter boxes, Garages and MORE!

This product uses no harmful chemicals and is safe for areas in the average home including homes with Pets.

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home disinfecting service

NanoTechnology Fun Facts:

  • The word nano is from the Greek word ‘Nanos’ meaning Dwarf. It is a prefix used to describe “one billionth” of something.
  • A nanometre (nm) is a billionth of a metre, or a millionth of a millimetre.
  • 1 nanometre is about 8 times the radius of an atom and 100 times smaller than a bacterial cell. At this scale matter reacts differently, for example, a material’s melting point may change or it may become more reactive.
  • A human hair is 80,000 nm in diameter.
  • Nanoscience works on a scale 1000 times smaller than anything that can be seen with an optical microscope.
  • We are already surrounded by billions of nano-particles, such as wind borne sea salt and chemicals generated by oceanic plankton.
  • A new form of carbon with a cylindrical nanostructure – the nanotube – was discovered in 1991.
  • Nanotubes have novel properties including extraordinary strength and unique electrical properties.
  • These mechanical and electrical properties make nanotubes potentially useful in many applications from electronics to everyday items like clothes and sports gear
  • The discovery of another nanoscale carbon form, C60, called the buckyball, brought the 1996 Nobel Prize in Chemistry to Robert Curl, Sir Harold Kroto, and Richard Smalley. It started an avalanche of research into other nanoscale materials.
  • Nanotechnology is already applied commercially in products ranging from mobile phones, computer discs, tennis rackets and golf clubs to sunscreens and cosmetics.

READ MORE AT: https://www.tcd.ie/nanoscience/whatisnano/nanofacts/